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How to Pack Your Hats in Your Suitcase Without Destroying Them..

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I am officially declaring it summer hat season..  and boy do I love summer straw hats...  in all their luscious glory..   With everyone headed out on vacation, road trips and weekend getaways,  it's officially summer hat packing season.

I have been on a few trips myself lately.   One part of my new years resolution is to travel way more.  So far mission accomplished.  With spring and summer travel always comes my hats and I often get the question..

 "How did you pack so many hats and not destroy them?"  

You see I am not the girl who likes to travel with my hat on my head or to even carry them.  I am actually so clumsy that I have destroyed one too many hats by carrying them on to the plane.   So I pack them in my bags.

So for this post I thought I would share my 7 favorite hats of summer and how I pack them with out crushing them.

Alright.. lets get to the packing.  My solution is actually super simple.    I pack my hats in my suitcase..

And here is how in 4 easy steps

Before we start let me stress that your hat should be the first thing you put in our empty suitcase.. This is super important because you are going to build and pack around and inside of it.  Also pack your hat in the side of the case that does not zip up.

1. The Stack:  If you are carrying more than one hat,  stack them inside each other.  Make sure you stack them in an order that they fit easily into one another, other wise they will get crushed...

2. The Upside Down:  I like to refer to this as the upside down hat cake.  Again your hat should be the very first item in your suitcase.   Make sure it's facing up side down.   Depending on the shape of the floor of your suitcase, fold one soft item and line your suit case with it, that way the top of your bottom hat does not lean against a hard suitcase.

3. The Pack Around.   Only put soft items on the side of the case that your hat is in.  No shoes or toiletries.   You want to make sure there is cushion all the way around.   Make sure its a secure but not tight fit.. move your hat around and see if it slides.   If it does add a couple more items around the bottom.  Make sure your packed items level up to the same height as the brim of your hat.. no more and no less.. just even.

4. The Stuff:  Take one or two more soft items (no denim) and stuff them inside your hat until it's flush across the top.

Finish packing all your harder items.. shoes, toiletries, anything with a point in the other side of your case.

Lastly.. don't close your case until you are ready to walk out the door.   The less time your hat spends in a closed case the better..

When you arrive at your destination, unpack your hats immediately.

Voila.. you are now ready to enjoy your vacation in style.
How to pack your suitcase..
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