Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Dress. The Hat. The Slides. The Clutch.

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The Look
Dress: Saylor
Bag: Senreve
Shoes & Hat: Zara sold out (similar)
Shark tooth necklace: Rossmore LA
Sunglasses: Dita 
Photos: Angie Silvy
     Instagram: @TayeHansberry
   Twitter:   @TayeHansberry


I seem to be skipping around a bit..  Trying to get all my vacation content out.. which after three trips in a month is proving to be a bit of a task..   

Okay enough of my complaining and on to this easy vacation look..

 The Dress.  The Hat.  The Slides.  The Clutch.  

This little sweet combo is about the easiest look to put together and always looks great.
If you are an avid over packer like me..   Which I am slowly learning to tone down with tricks like this.   The hat, dress, slides combo are a great.   It takes up virtually no room in your suitcase.

Remember that post I did last week about " how to pack your hat"?   If you don't, head over and read it pronto.  This look actually fits right into your hat.   Well the dress at least.   Bam!  One look covered in one sweep.

So here is the fun part.. you can wear this combo over and over.. a different dress everyday.  Vacation wardrobe done!
The easy look..
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  1. Nice outfit.
    your are wearing this combo over and over.. a different dress everyday.
    Vacation wardrobe done!
    Thank you so much for for sharing this lovely post.

  2. I love this dress!! This is the perfect combination for spring. I love the simplicity of wearing a floral dress. You look amazing!

  3. The Dress. The Hat. The Slides. The Clutch. The relaxed beauty and comfyness of it all - it seduces and makes me want to dine with you right there and then. I could do with some instances of relaxation right now. My dear wife would complain, though. The fragrance of holydays and summer evenings hit me, a hard-working businessman who likes to take a look at fashion blogs now and then.
    Thanks for a wonderful moment.
    SchuhXL - Damenschuhe in Übergrößen

  4. Lovely outfit ;)


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