Monday, June 12, 2017

How to Pair a Maxi Dress with Flats..

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 The Look
Shoes: Senso
Cuff: Rosmore LA
Sunglasses: Quay
Photos: Angie Silvy 
     Instagram: @TayeHansberry
   Twitter:   @TayeHansberry


The minute I saw these photos I thought "romance novel".  The setting.. the ocean.. the dress.. the wind.. haha  and believe me it was not great feeling at first.. but them I got to thinking..  What's wrong with romance?  and I realized..  Absolutely NOTHING!
noun: romance

a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.

"the beauty and romance of the night"
synonyms:mystery, glamour, excitement, exoticism, mystique;

"the romance of the Far East"

Summer 2017 is all about romance for me in every since of the word.  And there is something so appealing about a romantic look on a woman.   A great maxi dress is the perfect way to take on the world.. or at least a hot day.  

I wore this flowing pastel beauty with flats.  Flats are a fun way to add a little of the unexpected to your look.  Sneakers are anther one of my favorite ways dress down a dress.  

Not to mention you have very little chance of tripping over yourself in flats and a maxi dress.  Believe me I am no stranger to nearly falling flat on my face in heels and a maxi..  the worst :)

What's ways do you like to add the unexpected to your looks?
Live in the unexpected..
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  1. Beautiful dress. Flats with maxi dresses is tricky for us short girls, sometimes it can make me look even shorter.

    1. I love the dress - but am TOTALLY in agreement with you - 5ft 2" right here and have that exact problem depending on the dress and the shoes!!


  2. obsesssssseddddddd with youuuuuuuuu <3

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  5. You look stunning, as always!! This dress is so elegant, I love the cut! And the pictures are awesome!

  6. I always enjoy sexy and modern designs.

  7. Your pictures are so pretty.


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  9. Love your maxi~~ The off-shoulder part is so cute!
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