Sunday, August 13, 2017

5 Ruffled Swimsuits on Sale.. Did someone say girly..

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 The Look
Bikini: Anine Bing Top & Bottom
Jewelry: Sydney Evan  LOVE, MAGIC, PYRAMID
Slides: Schutz (similar)

Me in the girly two piece.. Shhhh.. That will probably be the only time you will ever hear me refer to myself as girly..  Actually I guess I am referring to the bikini and not myself.. and since that phrase, we make the clothes, the clothes don't make us is alive an in constant rotation..
I will own this girly bikini to the fullest.

A. because I love it 
B. because I and my non girly self am wearing it.   

So in the spirit of sharing and  because, and I have said it before.. sharing is caring.. I'm sharing my 5 top "girly" swimsuits from $26 to $95 bucks  (Scroll to the bottom of the post to shop)

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  1. You look so gorgeous~~~ I love your picks, ruffled swimsuits are the best!!
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  2. this line of bikini look great on you, and the colour too

  3. It is possible to build a "conservative university", but pointless to do so. The public gets nothing for their money that way - check

  4. Your pictures are so great thanks for your biki pics looks dapper in it at beach xx Send Flowers To OMAN

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