Friday, September 22, 2017

How to Wear the Sheer Dress Trend.. NYFW Look #3

sheer dress trend, NYFW, taye hansberry, Fashion blogger, Sheer dress trend
 The look
Dress: Leilou
Shoes: Valas
Earrings: Adornmonde
Sunglasses: Christain Roth
Photo's: Jendayi Asha


Lets talk trends..

There are definitely some trends out here that I stay away from.. The super low cut denim jeans/crop top trend..  Nope for me..  At least right now.   Then there are some trends that I have been wanting to try for a while now..  The Sheer trend is one of them.. 

 When I saw this dress I knew that I waned to pop my in public sheer cherry with this one.. Something about the color made it less like I was walking the streets on New York naked, which is actually legal there BTW!  Anyhow..   Although there were some stares it was kind of empowering.  

Like "Yep here I am,  now deal with it"

So we have been seeing this trend on the red carpets for a couple of years now, but taking it to the streets,  or your dinner party is a different thing.  So here are a couple of tips that you can implement if you are on the fence.

1. Black is always a great way to wear this trend.  All black.. it seems less naked.   Now all black is definitely on the sexy side.  So keep that in mind.

2. Grannie panties.. make sure your under garments are full on Granny Panties.. since you are wearing a see through look you want to cover the parts adequately.. No wedgies allowed..

3, Try color.. Unlike the all black it will show more of your body.. but in a less bedroom sexy way.. It's a little more editorial.

4.  Just own it!!!
sheer dress trend, NYFW, taye hansberry, Fashion blogger, Sheer dress trend

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  1. Fantastic look and pictures! It has it all: style, elegance, gorgeous ... I like it ;)

  2. wooow, really sexy

  3. So cute!! Love your creativity! Great job!

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