Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Satin Booties and Cropped Bell Bottoms in San Fransisco

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Along with a quick 24 hour trip to San Fransisco to attend the opening if the Me Undies flagship opening, I of course had to share what I wore.   If you follow me on Instagram.. wait of you are not following me on Instagram..  stop what you are doing and click click this link and follow.. Pretty please..

I'll wait..

Okay we're back.. Yay!

Alrighty what was it I was saying?  Oh yeah.. I had to share what I wore and if you follow me on IG.. which you are all now doing (YAY!) then you know that this blazer has gotten some use in the last two weeks..  Haha I love it.  Wish I could wear it everyday.. well I guess I could.. but you know...

Okay Links to what I am wearing above and below..

Happy Tuesday!

Blazer: Storets / Booties: Guess / Tee: Madewell (on sale) / Sunglasses: Chloe


  1. Beautiful - just beautiful - I'm speechless...

    Embroidery Machine

  2. The Booties are incredible and so perfect for this outfit.

    Greetings from Munich

    Sandra (https://www.schuheliebe.de/)

  3. Hey, You look classy in black & White with contrast Booties. It is a lovely concept of putting on white Tee & Black Blazer on Black Bell Bottom.

  4. One of the best attire for the fashion and the black color really gives a great look on your charm !!!!


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