Saturday, December 2, 2017

How to Wear a Summer Dress for Winter

madewell coats, Mcm vanity vase, wildfox sunglasses,

The layers are upon us..  I don't know you about you guys in the rest of the country but we are finally seeing a little chill in the air here in LA.   Yay!   If coats had feelings, which I am sure in some alternate universe or soon to be made Disney pixar film they do.. mine would be having some serious FOMO right about now.

So imagine mine and my coats joy that it got a bit cold this week.

...and when the chill hits the air the laying comes out to play.   Guess what!   You can take that summer dress that you just don't want to put away and transition it right into your winter wardrobe just like I did here. Remember this Summer post  (HERE)   I absolutely did not want to put this dress in summer stowaway section of my closet.. because why stow away when you can repurpose..

What looks do you guys try to transition over from Summer and Fall?

 Jacket: Madewell (similar) / Dress: Saylor NY (on sale) / Sunglasses: Wildfox / Bag MCM 
Necklace: Ippolita

Photo's: Mike Paradise 

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  1. uuuh I love this gipsy style

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  3. Wow, this layering is gorgeous!! I love your jacket!

  4. I love your style Taye! My favorite transitional look is the strapless top layered over a classic button down. Classy chic!

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