Monday, February 19, 2018

Sexy Badass Vintage Revolutionary.. in Pink Lipstick.

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Just because V day is over does not mean that we can't wear our hearts on our sleeves.. or in this case on our backs..  Haha Hearts on our backs does not quite have the same appeal as hearts on our sleeves,  but I'm going with it anyway.  I tend to make up my own rules..  Wink Wink..

Okay what was I saying? 
Oh yes.. Hearts on our back.. Valentines day is over.. yada yada yada..

I vote lets just get straight to the outfit.

I definitely felt a little sexy/badass in this look.   The heavy cropped leather and studs.. The heavier vintage redesigned Levis.. The huge bell bottoms..  I mean it was either badass or 60's revolutionary.. Hmm now that I think about it I'll take both.

Sexy Badass Vintage Revolutionary!

Jeans: Modified by MIHARA YASHIRO Via Peri.A / Top: Naadam  / Jacket: Rebecca Minkoff / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Mules: Who What Wear  /Sunglasses: Quay

Photo's: Mike Paradise


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